June 11, 2008

'Tokyo Sky Tree' - New Tokyo Tower

TOKYO — Tobu Railway Co said Tuesday the official name of the new tower to be built in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward by 2012 will be the ‘‘Tokyo Sky Tree.’’ The official name for the new radio and TV transmission tower was chosen after a 10-member panel narrowed down the number of candidate names to six from 18,606 submitted in a nationwide poll conducted online and by mail.

Out of a total of 110,000 votes cast in the poll, ‘‘Tokyo Sky Tree’’ garnered around 33,000. The second most popular name was the ‘‘Tokyo Edo Tower.’’ Tokyo Sky Tree, one of the world’s tallest radio and TV transmission towers, will commence operation in the spring of 2012

Japan Broadcasting Corp, the nation’s sole public broadcaster, known as NHK, and the five major commercial broadcasters are currently using Tokyo Tower in Minato Ward to transmit both analogue and digital TV signals. But Japan plans to switch completely to digital broadcasting and analogue broadcasting will be terminated by July 2011. In view of the change, the six broadcasters have drawn up plans for the new tower to be tall enough to transmit digital signals unobstructed by high-rise buildings.


Superman said...

Why this new tokyo tower doesn't looks attractive and creative for me? However, I'm looking forward Japan to complete the structure. 2012? Perhaps I should start earning money and have trip to Japan! Wo hoo...

Anonymous said...

the tokyo sky tree is awesome