February 8, 2008

Singer Koda Kumi apologizes on TV for 'rotten womb' gaffe

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TOKYO — Singer Kumi Koda, 25, on Thursday apologized for having said that "women over 35 had 'rotten' fluid in their wombs" in her radio program on Jan 30. Appearing exclusively on Fuji TV's "Super News" program, Koda apologized in tears for her comment by saying, "I just wanted my newlywed manager to have a baby as soon as possible. But because I often exaggerate my jokes, the comment I made was irresponsible. I'll act more responsibly from now on. I'm very sorry for disappointing my fans and hurting those who have difficulty in having babies."

After Koda made the offending remarks, her agency, Avex Entertainment, announced a halt to promotional activities for her latest album, "Kingdom," which was released at the end of January. Kose Corp, Japan's third-ranked cosmetics maker, halted online advertisements for its Visee brand, one of its major lineups, which features the pop star.