February 5, 2008

66 years old 'Sexiest Man Alive' jailed over marriage fraud

Now he is probably the sexiest man alive in prison.

OSAKA -- A sexagenarian pensioner who made a DVD about himself entitled "I'm The Sexiest Man Alive" was jailed Tuesday by the Osaka District Court for tricking a club hostess into giving him millions of yen in the belief he would marry her.

Yukichi Kamibeppu, 66, from Osaka, was found guilty of fraud and ordered to serve 3 years, 4 months in prison.

"You used devious methods to cheat people out of large sums of money and the mental anguish suffered by the female victims who trusted you was significant," Presiding Judge Kenji Yasunaga said as he handed down the ruling.

During April to May 2006, Kamibeppu suggested to his 50-something hostess lover that they should start living together and that she should consider his suggestion a proposal. He told her he needed money to build their love nest and she gave him 26.55 million yen, which he used for different purposes other than what he had claimed.

Kamibeppu's "sexiest man alive" DVD featured footage of himself that he had taken walking around places in Osaka, such as its Dotonbori entertainment district. His past also included periods where he pretended to be the head of a finance company, a ruse that helped him seduce women and take their money from them fraudulently.