January 24, 2008

Learn how to lose weight by brushing your teeth

Japanese is a health conscious society. Anything that is claimed to be good for health, will definitely do well in Japan. Now there is a DVD that teaches you on how to lose weight by performing daily activities eg. brushing your teeth and putting your socks. I wonder what will the Japanese come out next. (View sample of the DVD here)

"Waist Size Story," a new DVD with exercises centering around such activities as teeth-cleaning and putting on socks, has hit Japanese stores.

"Waist Size Story" aims to allow viewers to exercise while going about their daily lives around the home.

Among the exercises it offers to teach viewers are "sock removal repeats," "one-legged teeth cleaning" and "exercise for those sick of 'Billy's Boot Camp.' "

Hokkaido University Prof. Yuko Agishi oversaw the exercise program used in "Waist Size Story," while the narrator is Harahekomu. The DVD contains level 3 exercises and advice on health muscle tone methods.

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