January 16, 2008

Japanese students get koala dropping paper as lucky charm for exam

Koala bear at Higashiyama Zoo of Nagoya is considered to be lucky charm for Japanese students that are facing examination soon. This is because a Koala bear can cling on tree for a long period of time and doesn't fall down, thus can bring the same fate to the students that hope to do well in the coming examination. About 300 people received recycled paper made from koala droppings as lucky charm. The paper named "koala lucky charm" (koara-no-un) is disinfected and free from any infectious bacteria. According to the zoo personnel, the paper is safe for usage and it is the same quality as any recycled papers. Eventhough it is winter, more and more people are visiting the zoo just catch a glimpse of the koala bear and hope to receive the same luck as the bear.

Original Version

落ちない「うん」で受験を乗り切って――。東山動植物園(名古屋市千種区)が、コアラのうんちを配合したしおりを6日、受験生やその家族を対象に、 先着300人に配布する。木の上で18~20時間寝ていても地面に落ちないコアラにあやかってもらおうという狙いで、その名も「コアラのウン(運)チペー パーしおり」。



 縦15センチ、横5センチほどのしおりには、表に「必勝 合格」、裏に動物一同からの激励が印刷されている。