January 16, 2008

Japanese language ability for Japan long-term resident visa

Do you plan to stay in Japan for a long period of time?. It is time to brush up your nihongo as the Japanese government is considering to making Japanese language requirement for foreign nationals seeking entry visas for long-term residency.

According to the Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura:

Komura cited reasons such as the need for foreigners to be able to speak Japanese to fit into the Japanese society. While he gave no further explanation, the envisioned measure is believed to be aimed at eradicating illegal residency and likely part of antiterrorism policies.

"For foreign people living in Japan to be able to speak Japanese is not only important for improving their own quality of life, but also necessary for the Japanese society as a whole," Komura told a news conference.

"It would be a very good thing if this helps build momentum for learning Japanese language in the respective home countries of foreign people living in Japan," he added.

Are you fluent in Japanese?.

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