January 22, 2008

Examination re-test due to cell phone buzzed for 30 seconds

This is common in Japan. Everyone is given a fair and equal opportunity in examination. Any small disruption, students will be given the option for re-test. Even a small buzz of handphone that lasted for 30 seconds.

(JT) OITA — An exam-taker's cell phone buzzed for about 30 seconds during an English listening comprehension test, disrupting other applicants during university entrance exams, officials said Sunday. After the incident, which took place Saturday at Nippon Bunri University, some of the 179 applicants complained that they were distracted.

The university decided to give a new test next Saturday. Anyone who wants a second chance can take the test, officials said. According to the university, all applicants were instructed to place their cell phones on their desks, turn them off and put them in their bags before the exam began. However, one cell phone rang for 39 seconds before it was taken out of the room by an administrator.