October 2, 2007

Women are not allowed to enter the sumo ring

It is a tradition in Japan that forbids women from entering the sumo ring on the grounds that it is sacred and their presence, considered unclean, would pollute it. Recent news reported that a woman invaded a sumo ring in Tokyo during a major tournament. However, the woman was then pulled down by a referee and one of the sport's huge wrestlers.

The middle-aged woman dashed from the side of the Kokugikan sumo stadium on Wednesday and shoved away a female security guard before rolling onto the ring just as a bout was set to begin.

The Japan Sumo Association insisted that though the woman did enter the raised platform around the batting ring, she did not set foot on the ring, or dohyo, itself.

It was not clear why she had attempted to reach the ring during one of the sport's heavily televised six big tournaments, but she was carrying a bundle of flyers saying "help, bad spirits,"

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