July 1, 2007

Square-shaped watermelons

It is summer now in Japan. It also the season for the Japanese to enjoy unique square-shaped watermelons. What is so unique with these watermelons is no other than its shape. Local farmers grow the watermelons in plastic containers to make them square-shaped. About 800 square-shaped watermelons are expected to be sent across Japan by mid-July. The square-shaped watermelons are about 19 centimeters long, are not so sweet and are reportedly popular as an ornament.

These watermelons are not cheap too. One square-shaped watermelons can cost up to USD250. These melons are considered to be good luck charm and it is gaining popularity. Thus it is no surprise that an 84-year-old farmer succeeded in growing square-shaped watermelons about 30 years ago and has now a patent for containers to grow them.

So how about you?. Tried square-shaped watermelon before?.

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