July 24, 2007

Sign to reduce suicide at a spot near to Mount Fuji

No doubt suicide rate in Japan is one of the highest in the world. (refer to my previous post - Japanese and suicide). According to the latest news, a private organization once again set up signboards in a field near Mount Fuji on Tuesday in a bid to prevent people from committing suicide. The field which is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, called Aokigahara Jukai, is one of the most famous and notorious as a suicide spot for toubled Japanese.

It is not surprise that these signboards do have some commercialism values. Two signboards read that debts can be repaid, and give the telephone number of a Tokyo-based organization working for people who have trouble repaying debts to loan sharks.

This is not the first time such signboards. The group had earlier set up similar signboards in the field but it had to remove them because members had not yet obtained approval from the Yamanashi Prefectural Government. Several suicidal people saw the earlier signboards and contacted the organizations.

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