July 12, 2007

Money left at government office toilet as donations

So what do you do if you find an envelope with money inside?. Keep it and report it to the authority. Recently in Japan, there were reports that as many as nine 10,000-yen notes wrapped in white paper were left in a toilet at Oita Municipal Government Hall in May, a few months before bills were found in other local government offices, police said.

According to the report, a worker for the municipal government found nine white-paper wrappings in the first-floor toilet on May 7. Each of them contained a 10,000-yen note and a letter. The letter read that the money should be spent on studying and training.

Such cases have reported all over Japan. Similar paper-wrapped 10,000-yen notes with letters were left in Saitama prefectural and municipal government halls in early July.

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