July 5, 2007

Kobayashi loses hotdog eating championship

Every year on 4th July, it is the annual hotdog eating championship held in Coney Island. For the past 6 years, one man has emerged as the undisputed champion of hotdog eating contest. The six-time title holder Takeru Kobayashi also known as the the Japanese eating machine lost to Joey Chestnut. Kobayashi who recently had a wisdom tooth extracted and received chiropractic treatment due to a sore jaw. Once the contest ended, Kobayashi vomited, leading to a deduction from his final total. He finished with 63 hot dogs and buns eaten -- still his best performance ever.

Chestnut's victory ended Japan's long dominance of the contest. The only previous non-Japanese winner since 1996 was New Jersey's Steve Keiner in 1999. Third place this year went to another American, Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago, with 49.

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