July 2, 2007

It is the season to climb Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain of Japan, at the height of 3,776 meter is one of most famous mountain in Japan. It is also considered to be the most sacred mountain in Japan. During the summer season, most of the Japanese climbers will try to hike Mount Fuji. Some even treat it like an annual event.

Mount Fuji marked the beginning of the summer mountaineering season for this year on 2nd July 2007, Sunday, with about 200 people gathering at the summit to welcome the sunrise.

The climbers lifted up their arms and cheered as they witnessed the first gleam of the rising sun from the 3,776-meter peak at about 4:30 a.m.

This year a lot of snow remained on the peak, but workers in huts on the mountains cleared away the snow to allow climbers to make the ascent to the summit.

Among the climbers was a 21-year-old female university student from Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, who had ascended the mountain for the first time.

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