June 7, 2007

Earn Money with Bloggerwave

The latest opportunity to earn money from the Internet besides Payperpost and Reviewme, now there is a new player in the market. The latest player is Bloggerwave

Bloggerwave.com is a brainchild of IQ Division, an interactive media and marketing company based in Europe. Bloggerwave offers opportunities for bloggers to write a feedback to advertisers’ websites, products, services and companies. Similar to Payperpost, you are required to register your blog and wait for Bloggerwave to approve your blog. Upon approval, you can now take opportunities that best suit you and your blog.

Bloggerwave offers the same features as Payperpost. However, there are several good features as compared to Payperpost. For starters, as compared to Payperpost, Bloggerwave accepts unlimited post-per-day. In short, you can cramp your blog with as many postings as possible from Bloggerwave. Another feature of Bloggerwave is the loading time for its site, it is much faster as compared to Payperpost.

Eventhough, Bloggerwave is still new, but it is a good opportunity for bloggers to earn some decent income. Interested? Register your blog here.