June 2, 2007

Cool Biz campaign in Japan

PM Abe begins Cool Biz campaign with Okinawan wear

For summer in Japan, salarymen will change to a new set of clothing called "Cool Biz". Salarymen are advised to dress in clothings that are made from materials that breathe and absorb moisture. Long sleeved shirts are traded with with short sleeved shirts without jackets or ties. While air-conditions in offices are set not lower than 28 celcius. The whole aim of this practice is to reduce the usage of air-condition and reduction in CO2 emmission.

According to wiki: The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) began advocating the Cool Biz campaign in summer 2005 as a means to help save energy by limiting air conditioning. According to the Environment Ministry, central government ministries were to set air conditioner temperatures at 28°C until September.

The Cool Biz dress code advises workers to starch collars so they stand up and to wear trousers made from materials that breathe and absorb moisture. Additionally, workers are encouraged to wear short sleeved shirts without jackets or ties. Many workers, though, were confused about whether they should follow the new stipulations—many came to work with their jackets in hand and their ties in their pockets. Even those who liked the idea of dressing more casually sometimes became self-conscious during their commutes when they were surrounded by non-government employees who were all wearing standard Japanese business suits. Many government workers said they felt it was impolite to not wear a tie when meeting counterparts from the private sector.

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