May 24, 2007

The Winner of American Idol Season 6

Finally it is all over. The hype of American Idol, the crisis and the "hair". The new American Idol has arrived and it is Jordin Spark. She is a better singer as compared to Blake. I am glad that she won. It was an emotional night for a 17 years old to achieve the greatest dream of a life time.

You go girl. We are proud of you :-)

(Washington Post) Jordin Sparks, the perky 17-year-old high school student from Glendale, Ariz., won the sixth round of "American Idol" last night, beating out 11 other finalists, including several who were better singers, but none with her winning package of big voice, big smile and teetering-on-womanhood.

Did we mention she's only 17, as the show's three judges reminded viewers at every possible moment in the four-month-long competition? That makes her the youngest "Idol" winner ever.

After a season spent talking about Haley Scarnato!'s shoes, Sanjaya's hair and Melinda's Sally Field routine, "Idol" is down to ... Jordin and Blake. Who'll win the recording contract? TV columnist Lisa de Moraes breaks down the head-to-head matchup.
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Sparks defeated Blake Lewis, the Beat-box Boy from Bothell, Wash., whose utter detachment from the rituals of the competition had to have given the "Idol" producers and the Fox network the vapors as he worked his way to the final two.

Sparks was the perfect contestant for this season of "Idol" as the show evolved from youth-market sensation to family-viewing experience. During taped interviews this season, Sparks wanted the audience to know how happy she is to come from an undivorced, intact family, and that she has been keeping up her grades (all A's and B's!) as she continued her schooling during the months of competition.

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