May 16, 2007

Tab Effect Firefox-Extension

Cool Firefox Tab Effect addon that allows you roll the Tabs when changing.

If you've ever played with Virtual Desktops for the Mac or XGL/Compiz on Linux, the tab effect is similar to the cube-switching effect offered by both of these virtual desktop tools, but for Firefox.

I found Tab Effect to be a bit kludgy on my PC (old video card), but - as someone who thinks that the visual effects of the aforementioned desktop management apps make virtual desktops much more intuitive, I'd be remiss not to point this out for Firefox users who just don't feel right about tabs... and, of course, it looks neat. Tab Effect is Windows only, requiring DirectX 8 to run.

via [LifeHacker]

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maon said...

I've try it..really cool..thanks..:)