May 5, 2007

Sanyo Solar Ark - Magnificent architecture of Japan

One of the magnificent architecture in Japan is the Sanyo Solar Ark. The dimension of the Solar Ark is 315 meters (1,033 feet) long and weighs 3000 tonnes. It includes 412 lighting units between the solar panels, each with 51 red, green and blue LEDs. The entire system is computer-controlled and can create a variety of images and characters. (Check out the panoramic view of the Solar Ark)

The Solar Ark, a unique, ark-shaped, solar photovoltaic power generation facility, offers activities to cultivate a better appreciation of solar power generation, and thereby of both ecology and science. This 315m-wide, 37m-tall facility is located in Gifu Prefecture, in the geographical center of Japan, and can be seen from the JR Tokaido bullet train, which runs past on an adjacent railway track.

Stationed at the center of the Solar Ark is the Solar Lab, a museum of solar energy and one of the more unusual museums in the world. A unique, hands-on, outdoor light exhibition will be launched here in 2005, for the first time in Japan. In the future, expect a variety of interesting things to emanate from here.

Video : Journey to the Solar Ark (4:05m)

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