May 27, 2007

Perfect win for Hakuho

Here comes the new Yokozuna. Hakuho, the second Yokozuna has beaten Yokozuna Asashoryu with a perfect 15-0 record. Interestingly, both Yokozuna are from Mongolia. So what does that mean to the world of Sumo, which is a traditional Japanese sport.

(JT) Ozeki Hakuho disposed of yokozuna rival Asashoryu Sunday, completing the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament with an undefeated 15-0 record a day after capturing his second consecutive Emperor's Cup and virtually assuring his promotion to yokozuna. In the final bout of the 15-day meet, the Mongolian pair came to a standstill at the ring's center with both wrestlers grabbing a hold of each others mawashi, but Hakuho emerged the victor when he deployed a powerful pulling overarm throw to dump Asashoryu to the dohyo surface at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

"I will do my best to uphold the image of yokozuna," said Hakuho in his victory speech. "I struggled through a lot last year with injuries. My family has been the biggest support for me, especially with the new birth of my daughter. I want to become a strong yokozuna." Asashoryu (10-5) who entered the meet seeking his 21st overall title, had a meltdown after suffering a shock first defeat to Aminishiki on the 10th day and suffered his fourth straight loss against the newly invigorated Hakuho.

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