May 2, 2007

Migration to Google Account for Adsense Publishers

Just like me, some of the earlier Adsense Publishers, our Google AdSense account isn't hooked up to Google Account because we signed up when it was first launched. Now Google is migrating old AdSense publishers to the new Google Account system — just like Blogger did in August.

When you log into your account, you may be greeted by a screen like the one below, asking you to upgrade your login to a "Google Account". If you use another email address for other Google products like Gmail and Picasaweb, you already have a Google Account and you can finally use the same login for AdSense. A piece of note from Google, that at this time it's not possible to update your login to an email address that is already being used as a login for AdWords or another AdSense account.

Finally, please keep in mind that only older AdSense accounts need to be migrated, so you may not be affected. You're also welcome to skip the migration wizard for now if you like, although this means you may miss out on some cool new features!

And there are new COOL features?!! WOW!.

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