April 19, 2007

Google launches StumbleUpon competitor

Recent news, StumbleUpon, the fun website discovery service has been acquired by Ebay. And at the same time, Google launches a similar service, Google Pick. So how about Google's motto - "Don't be Evil"?. Seems like when they can have it, they are going to kill it.

The first is a recommendations button on the Google Toolbar that looks like a pair of dice. Click on the dice, and we’ll take you to a site that may be interesting to you based on your past searches. If you want another, just click the dice again and we’ll show you a new one. We’ll give you up to 50 new sites per day that might be of interest. Just add the button to your Toolbar. (In order to use this feature, you need the latest version of the Toolbar.)

via [GigaOm]

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