April 20, 2007

Back up your blog with BlogBackupOnline

BlogBackupOnline is a web application that provides backup of your blog content. If you back up at all, trying to manually back up your blog is complex and tedious. BlogBackupOnline allows you to register your blog with a few simple clicks, and then maintains a current copy of your blog content at all times by backing up your blog daily.

With BlogBackupOnline, users register a blog they want to backup. Once the blog is registered, a full backup is taken of all entries. After being registered, BlogBackupOnline performs a daily incremental backup to find new entries, new comments, and other changed content. Once you register your blog with BlogBackupOnline, there is no need to do anything more. In the event you need to recall your blog, such as your provider deleting all your content, you can access your saved blog for a full recovery of your blog free of hassle and stress. BlogBackupOnline thereby saves you from what would otherwise be a disastrous and irreconcilable loss.

BlogBackupOnline stores multiple copies of your data in our secure data center, so that even in the event of a server going down, your data is still secure. Furthermore, you can have BlogBackupOnline download your content to your local server, email you the content, or even have a physical DVD or CD of your backups mailed to you.

BlogBackupOnline provides its users with peace of mind knowing that their blog is protected from loss.

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