February 12, 2007

Valentine's day in Japan

February 14th is marked as the Saint Valentine's day. It's a day where couple profess their love to their partner. It's also normal for females to receive Valentine's day gifts, where roses are the most common gifts.

In Japan, the practice of Saint Valentine's day is quite unique. Valentine's day is a one sided celebration. In this day, men do NOT buy chocolate or flowers or diamonds, anything, for their girl friends or wives. Instead, it's the day for the males to receive Valentine's day gifts. Usually females will purchase expensive chocolates or other male related gifts eg. ties, shirts, etc to be presented to their partners.

A month after Valentine's day, March 15th, females will have their chance to be showered with gifts from their male partners. March 15th is also known as "White Day", is another "commercial" day created by the Japanese.

So how about you? Do you prefer to have two Valentine's days? One for the female and the other for the male?

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