February 10, 2007

Robot Plen : Rollerskate Robot with a USD2200 price tag

Robot Plen : Rollerskate robot

Robot Plen : Rollerskate robot

One of the main attraction of Nagoya has just opened its door last year. Inline with the Japanese that is ever crazy with mechanical robot, Robot Museum was officially opened at October 2006. Robot Museum is a 2,600-square-meter museum that also feature a shop and a cafe set in a "near future" environment where humans and robots coexist peacefully.

One of the main robot available in the Robot Museum shop is Plen. Plen is a roller skate robot developed by Japanese company Akazawa. Basically, Plen is an 18-jointed, 23cm robot which can be operated via Bluetooth and several Japanese AU mobile phones.

Plen is billed as a desktop hobby bot, can roller skate for about 25 minutes on a single charge of his battery, kick balls by himself and even knock your coffee all over your keyboard. All that for ¥262,500.

Maybe due to high cost of Robot Plen, there was no demonstration arranged. However, there are plenty of videos available online for those that are curious and want to know more.

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