February 9, 2007

My First 4-Patties MegaMac Burger





After all the hypes surrounding McDonald's MegaMac burger, finally I have the chance to taste the infamous burger. The taste is not bad. However, the volume of 4 patties is abit too much. I am very full after finishing the MegaMac value set which cost 650yen.

According to the latest news, it's reported that McDonald's Holdings Co (Japan) sales in the 2006 business year to Dec 31 came to a record 441.5 billion yen, breaking a record for the first time in five years. The company said a new strategy involving the 100-yen Mac has proved positive.

OK, for now it's time for my stomach to digest the MegaMac and be content that I have tasted MegaMac, :P

* Check out the TV ad here

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Dr Chewbacca said...

I want one!

(came here from flickr)

myproblogger said...

Haha, you are suppose to eat one of these, once a week ;-)