February 6, 2007

Jumpcut allows users to upload and edit videos online

With the explosion of YouTube over the past year, there is one service that is still lacking on the internet. With the introduction of Jumpcut, users are able to upload and edit their videos online. Rather than users editing their own videos using external software such as Adobe Premiere Elements to create their YouTube masterpiece, Jumpcut allows users to upload their video content onto the web - and then do all the editing (including adding effects, titles, cuts, etc.) right within the same web-based interface. For videophiles and wanna-be filmmakers like myself, Jumpcut is a time saver and definitely a dream come true.

You know Jumpcut is really cool when Jumpcut that only been launched in April, was acquired by Yahoo! five months later. The terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but we do know that Jumpcut will become part of Yahoo! Video. The team will become part of Yahoo’s social media group, which includes Flickr, del.icio.us and Upcoming. It’s possible that Yahoo is trying to one-up rivals like YouTube by providing more features, but Yahoo also has a number of media partners that may want to promote their clips through the site.

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