February 12, 2007

How to Create RSS and Subscribe to YouTube videos

YouTube is currently the most popular site for online storage videos, and there're plenty of users that are creating interesting videos for public viewing. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of your latest favorite videos on YouTube website.

However there is a simple solution. You can actually create a RSS feed for your favorite videos and subscribe to it by using RSS aggregator or RSS readers eg. Google Reader, My Yahoo! etc. You can also promote your own YouTube videos by creating a RSS feed and inform your friends of that RSS feed so that they are able to keep track of your latest videos on YouTube.

To create a RSS, just replace the username on the URL below with the YouTube username of the person that you would like to subscribe to.


For example, here's a RSS for the ABC's hit television show, LOST on Youtube.


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ing_tes said...

Very interesting.. this way I could get my stuff on the TV as well.