February 1, 2007

How Google is selling video ads

Google is expanding its multi-billion advertisement revenue into the video segment. Last year, Google already introduced the click-to-play video ads. Video ads will compete in the same auction as text and image ads for placement on publisher's site. Examples of video ad, here.

Recently Google has revealed that it will work with Wall Street Journal, two Conde Nast Web sites and Life/Style Television to expand its video advertising system.

"Over the past few months, we have run tests to figure out how we work with our partners and advertisers to combine high quality video content with ads and then distribute them (over) the Google AdSense network," Google stated.

Mid January 2007, Google had also announced that it will work with Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group to launch its video advertising system.

This trial of Google is in the same lines of the trial the company conducted with Viacom's MTV Networks, which allowed music videos to be aired on a select number of web sites running Google ads.

"Over the next few weeks we'll be testing AdSense video distribution and sponsorship with a small group of publishers," AdSense product manager Christian Oestlien said in his blog post.

The search giant sent e-mails to some of its Web site publisher customers this week offering them the opportunity to participate in a pilot programme involving video ads from The Wall Street Journal online, Life/Style Television and Conde Nast's Epicurious.com and Style.com. The ads will be contextually targeted to the content on the Web sites.

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