February 13, 2007

The greatest photo of all time

As the saying goes "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words". Photos at athousandandone website are said to be worth thousand and one. Athousandandone aims to form a collection of the most amazing photographs ever captured by professional or amateur photgraphers. From the most tragic, the most memorable to the most spectacular moments in human history, athousandandone hopes that you can relive and appreciate the history of our world.

Users of athousandandone are encouraged to submit their photos to the site, and allow those photos to be shared and viewed by the public. Currently, visitors can explore photos available at athousandandone by selecting the related tags. Five tags that are top favorite among users :

Basiclly, athousandandone is another web 2.0 initiative website. However, it would be great to add "digg" features, where users can vote photos to be selected for the main page.

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