February 6, 2007

The gigantic tesla coil display - A Must See

The Biggg Coil was running around 33 kW last year using 2 distribution transformers in series for 14 kV @ 15 kVA. The actual voltage out was a little higher as the measured input voltage to the transformers was close to 300 volts. Power control is basicaly a stack of 1256 variacs for inductive current limiting and the standard switching/monitoring system capable of 200 amps. High voltage is run underground to the Coil base as well as control wiring.

The secondary Coil is 10' x 2' with 6000 feet of #14 stranded THHN wire. An 8 foot toroid tops off the coil. Performance as of last Fall recorded the longest point to point spark of 26.5 feet to the corner of the shop.

The Tesla Coil "hanger" is 10' x 10' x 20' and the Coil rolls out on a pathway with its 8" wheels. Complete ready time to operate is around 5 minutes. The system is very stable in operation, just flip the switch and run. No racing sparks or other unwanted problems.

via [Terry Blake]

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