February 2, 2007

Ads on eggs campaign launched in Japan

A promotion using eggs as ad space was launched in Japan on Thursday, with the first round of ads on eggs promoting a well-known brand of noodles.

The ad introduced on Thursday promoted Nissin Food Products' Chicken Ramen noodles. At a store in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, round labels measuring 18 millimeters in diameter were attached to each egg, and advertising labels were placed on about 1,000 packets of eggs.

Nihon Rangyo Kyokai, a society promoting eggs, planned the advertising with Sunny Side Up, a company that organizes promotional events. By using eggs that are seen daily at home, advertisers hope to appeal to housewives and other people who often use eggs.

Nissin's Chicken Ramen is often prepared by putting an egg on top of the dry noodles, pouring hot water over it, and leaving the noodles to stand for 3 minutes.

Over the next month, eggs bearing the ads will be sold at about 200 Daiei stores across Japan, excluding stores in Hokkaido. Altogether, about 300,000 packs of eggs featuring the ads will be sold, with a campaign promoting Chicken Ramen being held at the same time.

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