February 8, 2007

8 ways to keep your brain in shape

It's a fact that your brain requires exercise to be in shape similar to your muscle systems. The Des Moines Register explains in depth 8 ways to exercise your brain to keep your mental reserves strong as you age.

Staying mentally fit is a hot topic - from new research touting the benefits of mental exercises, to seminars on maintaining your brain health done by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and the Alzheimer's Association.

Two new studies, one done in Des Moines, show that brain workouts are beneficial for mental health, and can help improve brain function.

Here are eight ways people of all ages can keep mentally sharp.

1. Play Head Games
2. Train your brain
3. Taxes
4. Build your "Cognitive Reserve"
5. Remember passwords
6. Rethink your crossword puzzles
7. Learn a new language
8. Exercise your body

Get details of the 8 methods, here

via [Life Hacker]

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hcfoo said...

PLaying mahjong is good for the brain :)