January 30, 2007

Woman Applied Immigration Visa for Her Pet Dog

As her husband lived in Japan for so long time, Ms. Wen's pet teckle Niuniu (“妞妞”) who accompanied her for seven years has become the most cherished companion. In order to emmigrate to Japan together with her Niuniu, Ms. Wen, a resident from Chengdu City of Si Chuan Province, made a surprising decision that she postponed eight months to reunite with her husband while going through cumbersome application procedures to get an immigration visa for the dog.

Niuniu officially embarked on a painstaking emigration journey after being implanted the Japan's only-certified ISO11785 chip which was air-lifted from Xiamen.

In the following year, Niuniu will receive a series of stringent tests such as injection of rabies vaccine, serum screen by Japan, isolation, quarantine and so on. Any small problems will suspend its emigration.

If Niuniu successfully emigrates to Japan, it will become Chengdu's first emigration dog to another country.