January 25, 2007

Nissin to sell refillable instant noodle cups

(Mainichi) Nissin Food Products will begin selling refillable instant ramen cups and refill packages from March, the company said.

The refillable cups going on sale from March 26 will be made of heat-resistant plastic and topped by lids.

Refill noodles will be sold in two flavors -- regular and seafood.

Nissin said concern for the environment prompted it to come up with the noodle business's first ever refillable instant noodle packages.

"We hope it will become popular amongst those who tend to have strong consideration for the environment, like the elderly and women," a Nissin spokesman said.

Nissin expects the reusable ramen cups will create massive reductions of trash. The company said reusable cups will reduce cup noodle disposals by 60 percent of their current weight, and only half the number of containers now being thrown away.

Nissin will sell refill sets of a cup and two meals for 599 yen, with refill meals retailing at 128 yen apiece, 35 yen cheaper than existing instant noodles.

Nissin will initially sell the refillable cup noodles at retail outlets in Tokyo and six other Kanto region prefectures as well as Yamanashi, Nagano and Niigata. It will also sell the refillable cups and noodles online through its Internet shop.

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