January 1, 2007

NHK apologises for the "topless" shock on the RED & WHITE year end song competition

Something to greet the new year from Japan. Another wardrobe malfunction. :-)
(Reuters) A TROUPE of dancers in skin-coloured body suits had Japanese national broadcaster NHK apologising to viewers of its New Year's Eve music special for what seemed to be a full-scale Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunction.

DJ Ozma strips during his performance at NHK's Red and White Song Contest on Sunday night. Twenty female back-up dancers also stripped their tops off during the performance, prompting a flood of complaints from viewers. NHK's host Tamio Miyake apologized later in the show.

The dancers, who all appeared to be topless and wore skimpy bikini-style bottoms and feathered head-dresses, covered the stage during a performance by singer DJ OZMA, prompting about 250 viewers to phone in and complain.

“The dancers were wearing body suits, but we apologise for any misunderstanding,” a presenter announced towards the end of the 57th annual Red and White Song Contest.

“I guess it looked a bit too real,” local media quoted the singer as telling reporters after the show, which regularly tops viewer ratings on New Year's Eve in Japan.

In 2004, according to Wikipedia, Janet Jackson suffered a “wardrobe malfunction” when Justin Timberlake pulled off more clothing than was scheduled during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII on February 1.

In front of a live audience of more than one hundred million people, Timberlake sang his song Rock Your Body, which include the lyrics “gonna have you naked by the end of this song”, and tore open Jackson's top, exposing her right breast, which was partially covered by a nipple shield.

Timberlake called the incident a “wardrobe malfunction”.

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