January 26, 2007

McDonald's Japan is having shortage of a hamburger

I want to try this Mega Mac hamburger too. Maybe tonight. Will post some photos of it later.

(Mainichi) McDonald's Japan has been forced to limit sales of its new Mega Mac hamburger to counter low stocks resulting from its huge popularity.

Customers who have been unable to buy the 350 yen hamburgers due to a shortage of stocks are being handed coupons enabling them to buy them next time for 190 yen. The company had planned to sell the hamburgers until Feb. 4, but it is now planning to extend the sales period for at least one week because of their popularity.

The Mega Mac hamburger went on sale in Japan on Jan. 12. It contains four meat patties -- twice the number of a regular Big Mac. In the first four days after it went on sale, about 3.32 million of the burgers were sold, doubling the company's expectations.

Fearing that it would not be able to keep up with demand, the company began limiting the daily number of Mega Macs sold at its stores, from several dozen per day to several hundred per day, depending on the store. It is rare for the company to limit sales of a product.

Following the introduction of the measure, lines have continued to form outside some stores in the heart of Tokyo before opening time, and some restaurants in the chain say they are selling out of the burgers before noon.

Each Mega Mac contains 754 kilocalories of nutritional energy, and the popularity of the hamburger exceeded the restaurant chain's expectations.

"It's the first time that we've had a shortage of a hamburger," a company representative said. "I guess the convenience of being able to hold a decent meal in one hand has gotten the thumbs-up, especially from young men."

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