January 27, 2007

Enlighted - Brighten up your life with a bra that lights up

Add a spark to your day -- and nights -- with lingerie that lights up.

A U.S. firm is selling bras and camisoles trimmed with colourful light-emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as sequins and feathers, that literally put your cleavage in the spotlight.

"Light-up bras make a popular addition to any outfit, and will definitely bring you attention," the company, Enlighted.

The California-based company custom-makes lingerie, including hot pink bras trimmed in marabou and lights and "wearable art" bras that have LEDs and sequins arranged in geometric patterns. It also puts LEDs on clothes, shoes and hats.

Enlighted says the clothing is safe and comfortable, despite all the wiring and the battery needed to power the lights.

"Our electronics are lightweight, flexible and concealed within fabric linings. Seriously, you'd forget about the lights if you didn't have so many people staring at you!" it said.

via [reuters]

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