January 18, 2007

Babelgum, another online TV project

The latest hype surrounding online TV recently has been the The Venice Project or Joost by those people behind Kazaa and Skype. However, there is another online TV project that is taking shape too, Babelgum. Babelgum is a project by the founder of FastWeb, Silvio Scaglia.

According to recent interview with Financial Times, Scaglia remarked, “When I started work on this a year and a half ago I was afraid we’d end up with five [competing IPTV services]…The fact it’s still two probably gives us a good lead.” We gave the beta a spin, and while it’s certainly a charmingly simple and effective product, just being early to the table doesn’t guarantee you a larger share of the meal.

What Babelgum lacks right now is a compelling differentiator — it needs to offer better content, better features or better technology than Joost and any other upstarts if it wants to win.

With so many uprising online TV projects, it is definitely an interesting times indeed for viewers.

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Anonymous said...

cool update. technology rocks :D

ing_tes said...

How do I sign up? I have apply to be a beta tester online but so far no response... Can u send me an invitation?