January 29, 2007

Americans prefer to be with their computer than with their spouse

Yup, nowadays everyone is so dependent on computers, it's very hard to choose between the spouse or the beloved computer. We can do almost everything with our computer (ahem not everything, we can't produce another human being with computer, if you get what I mean) like shopping online, having fun by playing games, communication with friends, surfing the web etc etc. So who needs a husband or a wife nowadays?

Sixty-five percent of Americans polled said they spend more time with their home computer than their spouse or significant other, according to research released yesterday by Kelton Research Inc.

Those who chose computer over companion don't seem to get much satisfaction from their inanimate partner. Of those answering, 84% said they were more dependent on their home computer now than three years ago. On average, they said they experienced computer trouble eight times in those three years, and estimated they wasted 12 hours per month due to home computer problems, the report said.

The majority of those surveyed -- 52% -- described the experience of their biggest recent computer problem as one of anger, sadness or alienation.

So before you blurp out the old saying ""Either that computer goes or I do!", you got to really think twice, cause chances are you might be packing sooner than you think.

via [ComputerWorld]

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