December 1, 2006

ODD NEWS : Ex-company president arrested for forcing employee to get tattoo

Crazy Japanese...

OSAKA — The former president of Osaka-based health food company Myskey was arrested Thursday for forcing an employee to get a tattoo. According to police, Hiroaki Mizuno, 47, became upset after the 36-year-old employee said that he was planning to leave the company.

Police say he threatened the employee between June and November of 2004 that if he didn't get a tattoo, yakuza would take his son. "Get a tattoo. I am a sworn brother of the yakuza. If you don't get a tattoo, I will hand your eldest son over to them," Mizuno was quoted as saying by police.

The employee was then taken to Tokyo and got a full-sized tattoo of Acala (Buddhist image) on his back over three appointments. Mizuno so far is denying the allegations.

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