December 14, 2006

How to login to an expired Windows

Thanks to Microsoft, if you do not activate your Windows after 30 days of use, you will be locked out of your own computer! Find out how to bypass this and login without downloading anything! (Source)

The steps are :

1. First, turn on your computer and wait until you get to the Windows login screen.

2. Next, click to login as usual. You should get an error from Windows telling you that your Windows has expired and is asking whether you would like to activate Windows now. Click Yes.
A "Let's activate Windows" window will appear. Let's minimize it. DO NOT close it.

3. Now, hold down the Windows Key on your keyboard while you also press the "U" key. This will open up the Narrator program to help assist those with poor vision. It is this program that will help us login to our Windows.

4. Click the little computer icon in the top left hand side of the Narrator window. A drop down menu should appear. The last option in this menu is named "About Narrator...". Click it. This should open up another window called "About Narrator".

5. In this window, there should be the text "Microsoft Web site". Click it, as it is a link and will open up your Internet Explorer, taking you to the Microsoft Accessibility website. Howrah! Internet access!

As if Internet was not enough, in the address bar of Internet Explorer, type "c:\". This should display all your hard drive contents on drive "C". From there you can load navigate your way around your computer, loading specific programs, and most whatever else.

Some common directories as to where you can find personal files and programs are:

C:\program filesC:\documents and settings\username\DesktopC:\documents and settings\username\DocumentsC:\documents and settings\username\Start Menu\Programs
On a side note, certain programs cannot be opened while Windows is still not activated. You will also not have a Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, as trying to open it will just result in it shutting itself down a few moments later. MSN Messenger works though, as well as most other non-Windows-based components.

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