November 21, 2006

Malaysia cloned Ipod and selling it cheap

Malaysia is famous for all the bad names nowadays, I guess this is another sign that Malaysia is really BOLEH! huh, and therefore don't call us MALAYSIA BODOH!

Extracted from Gizmodo :

A company in Malaysia seems to have borrowed a bit of the old iPod Nano 2G design in making their players. The knockoffs support MP3, WMA, MTV, AMV, voice recording, ebook reading, FM radio, photo viewing, and comes with 1 or 2GB of memory. Best of all, they're now only RM 200 ($54) and RM 290 ($79).

Much less expensive than Apple's offering, but somehow we doubt it's built to the same standards. Would make for a great gag gift though.

To know more or get your hand on Made-in-Malaysia Ipod, check out LowYat.Net.

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