November 23, 2006

How to reduce your Chances of Colon Cancer

Cancer of the colon or rectum is also called colorectal cancer. In the United States, colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men, after skin, prostate, and lung cancer. It is also the fourth most common cancer in women, after skin, lung, and breast cancer.

Though the exact causes of colon cancer aren't fully understood, the disease is very treatable if detected early. Here are a few ways to help prevent the disease, according to the American Cancer Society:

  • Get regular colonoscopies to check for polyps or tumors, especially if you're over 50 or if a family member has had colon cancer.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week.
  • Talk to your doctor about folic acid or folate supplements, which may help prevent colon cancer.

    For more info, check out the National Cancer Institute

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