October 31, 2006

Man loses 220 pounds in 1 year eating nothing but OXO cubes

A Cornwall man has lost 101kg in a year on a diet of Oxo cubes.

Stephen Kay, 39, swapped fry-ups, pies, pasties and pints of lager for three bowls of hot broth a day.

The dad-of-three, who is 1,89m, weighed 196 kg, reports the Daily Mirror.

He devised his own diet made up of Oxo stock cubes, topped up with fruit and vegetables.

Within 12 months he had slimmed down to 96kg and lost 60cm off his waist as his belt size shrank from 60 to 36.

Stonemason Stephen said: "I'd read all the weight loss magazines and watched all the TV programmes - but I hate salads.

"I remember my grandfather eating hot Oxo broth soaked up by wholemeal bread so I went for that."

Stephen decided to fight the fat after constant pestering from wife Caroline and children Gary, 21, Claire, 14 and Jack, 11.

Caroline makes her husband's filling broths three times a day using two stock cubes, hot water and pepper. She also gives him three slices of wholemeal bread.

The 42-year-old part-time cleaner said: "This diet has totally transformed him. He used to get tired easily and spend all his time on the sofa. Now he is out playing badminton."

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