October 26, 2006

Download Microsoft Windows Defender, Bypass WGA

Bypass WGA in Style

WGA is a pain in the butt for many of us. Even if we have a legal copy of windows it just makes us do things we don’t want to. So here is a solution for all you WGA haters out there :

1. Download Orca (mirror) and install it.
2. Open WindowsDefender.msi with Orca
3. Go to the “CustomAction” table on the left
4. Right-click on the “CHECK_WGA” action and select “Drop Row”
5. Now got to “Dialog” table on the left
6. Look for the dialog “CheckWGA”, change the Attribute from 2 to 0
7. File > Save (DO NOT use Save As…)
8. Close Orca and run the installer.

That’s it! Worked for you? Do drop us a line. [link]

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