September 3, 2006

I got my DELL Recall Battery

After an order made with Dell Battery Return Program, I received my replacement within 2 weeks.

If you own a Dell laptop computer then it is important that you read this article. In 2006 it was discovered that certain Dell laptop batteries were defective. The defective batteries were occasionally overheating and in some case they were causing fires. If you have a Dell laptop computer please follow the steps listed below to determine if your battery is one of the batteries that is affected by the Dell Battery Recall. If it is it is important that you no longer use the battery. You will need to return the battery to Dell for a free replacement battery as soon as possible.

Step Number One – Determine If Your Computer is a Notebook Model is at Risk

There are only four Dell notebook models that were sold with the defective battery. The four Dell notebook models that are at risk are the Latitude, the Inspiron, the Precision, and the XPS models. If you have one of these notebook models check to see if you have one of the model subtypes that offered the defective battery. The Latitude sub-models that offered the defected battery include: D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D620, D800, and D810. The Inspiron sub-models that offered the defective batteries include the 500M, the 510M, the 600M, the 700M, the 6000, the 6400, the 8500, the 8600, the 9100, the 9200, the 9300, the 9400, the E1505, and E1705. In the Precision family the following sub-models are affected: the M20, the M60, the M70, and the M90. Finally the XPS sub-models that are affected by the recent battery recall include the XPS, the XPS Gen2, the XPS M170, and the XPS M1710. If you have any of these notebooks please continue on to the next step.

Step Number Two – Determine If You Have a Defective Battery

If you have determined that your notebook model is one that could have a potentially defective battery your next step is to determine if your have a defective battery model. To do this you will need to remove your battery from your notebook and look at the Dell Part Piece Identification Number. This number is found on a sticker that is attached to the battery. This sticker will have a bar code across the top of the stick and below it will be a PPI number in the following format: XX – XXXXXX – XXXXX – XXX - XXXX. To determine if your battery is a part of the recall look at the second grouping of number. Then use the last five numbers in the second group of numbers to see if you have a match with the following list.

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