August 11, 2006

Summer time = Sunflower farm

What is synonym with Summer?. In Japan, summer is associated with the screeching sound of cicada, the spectacular firework festival, the magnificent summer matsuri, and sunflower.

This year, I have chance to visit Sunflower farm at Ogaki for the second time. This time, we went to a much bigger farm as compared to last year.

We have no idea what is the name of the new place, as we were at the place that I went last year. The old place now is a paddy field. After asking direction from one of the shop owner, we finally found the location of the new sunflower farm which is about 30 mins walk under the HOT sun.

For those that are interested to go, just refer to this simple map. :-)
(or if you can read japanese, there is another place further down the road from Nakamatsu, map)

Here're some nice photos and video taken :






** For more photos, click here

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Eddie said...

very good macro pictures.
did you change your camera
btw, the layout of your blog is somehow difficult to navigate, and now full of advertisement... you are not leading to porn industry , are you?
I spent 30 seconds trying to figure out how to post a comment