August 14, 2006

Stressed? Try singing.

According to news by Reuters, the best way to release stress is by singing. It's an ancient way to unleash energy and relax and tone the body and mind. The symptoms of stress are faster heart-rate and increased blood supply to the brain.

For that, now there is another way to relax online. SingShot is an online community that allows you to record your own version of thousands of songs from a database of instrumentals, including songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Judy Garland, and Jay-Z.

SingShot works by providing you with your very own virtual recording studio, where you can record, store and organize your favorite recordings. To use the service you do need to be a member, and membership is free. If you don't want to sign up, you can still listen to instrumentals of songs you can sing over, as well as listen to versions people have sang.

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