August 10, 2006

Reports state Malaysia has the most dangerous roads and rudest drivers

I dont think this news is new.

Malaysia slams survey which says KL roads are most dangerous
KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia has robustly refuted a survey which says Kuala Lumpur is the city with the most deaths on its roads.

Transport minister Chan Kong Choy says the study done in Hong Kong is inaccurate and misleading.

This is the second time in as many months that Malaysia is refuting an international survey; the last dispute was over the Readers' Digest ranking of Malaysians as among the rudest people in the world.

The Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur has been cited as having the most dangerous roads among 20 global cities, according to the survey by Hong Kong's transport department, which pointed out that 195 people are killed in road accidents in Kuala Lumpur per one million population.

This compares poorly with Stockholm, which topped the list as the safest city, with only 16 fatalities per million people.

Singapore came in fourth behind Hong Kong and Macau with an average of 46 deaths.

The survey findings were widely reported in Malaysia's Chinese language news dailies, prompting an official reaction.

Speaking in Putrajaya, Malaysia's transport minister slammed the survey as unfair.

Said Mr Chan, "This is highly misleading. You're saying that KL is number one or the worst city in the world in terms of accident fatalities. I must say this study is very biased."

The minister said the benchmark used by the Hong Kong survey was not consistent with international norms.

Mr Chan said, "The criteria used here is how many deaths per one million population, which is usually not adopted by most countries in the world. The most commonly used benchmark is how many fatalities per 10,000 registered vehicles."

Based on the most recent United Nations ranking of cities with dangerous roads, Mr Chan said Malaysia is ranked 30th in the world, with an average 4.5 deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles.

The Malaysian minister blames the high fatality rate on motorcyclists, who make up more than half of the road accident victims.

Said Mr Chan, "The major problem is we have a big population of motorcylists that caused almost 60 percent of (deaths)."

Malaysia's transport ministry has rolled out a five-year road safety master plan to educate all road users in a bid to halve the number of deaths from road accidents by year 2010. - CNA /ct

** Extracted from ChannelNewsAsia

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KY said...

that's because singaporeans have been crashing their cars in JB instead of their own country!