August 10, 2006

My own style of grilled sanma fish

I like sanma fishin Japan. I can have sanma fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I like it so much that I made my own grilled sanma fish.

The price of 3 sanma fish : 150 yen
The price of one grill pan : 105 yen
The price of a self-made grilled sanma fish : PRICELESS! :-)

** Link - My very own Yang Chow Fried Rice

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earl-ku said...

where is the final product of it???

u finished it without taking some pics?

mmulibra said...

the final product? they are all in my stomach now.. :-)

Lrong said...

yeap, samma is delicious... but having it for three meals a day? hmmm... a bit too much eh...